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Bush Administration National
Energy Policy

The energy plan contains 105 recommendations, 42 of them focused on conservation and alternative fuels. Twenty of the recommendations would require congressional action.

Key Recommendations


  • Expand federal authority to obtain rights-of-way for electricity transmission lines, using eminent domain if necessary.
  • Review whether to relax clean air rules to give refiners more flexibility in producing and distributing gasoline.
  • Improve pipeline safety and expedite pipeline permitting.


  • Expand a current 10 percent tax credit for all-electric vehicles to include gas-electric hybrids and future fuel cell vehicles. Estimated cost over 10 years: $4 billion.
  • Provide tax benefits and regulatory relief for cogeneration plants, which produce both heat and electricity.
  • Expand federal Energy Star program to include not only businesses but schools, homes and hospitals.
  • Study whether to require higher vehicle mileage standards.


  • Promote technologies to limit environmental impacts.
  • Pass law with a flexible cap on power plant emissions of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury.
  • Develop technologies and market-based incentives to combat global warming. Nuclear power is cited as an energy source that doesn't emit the gases tied to global warming.


  • Extend wind energy production tax credits.
  • Offer 15 percent residential tax credit for users of solar power.
  • Order Interior Department to address permitting delays in geothermal plants.
  • Streamline licensing procedures for hydropower plants.
  • Boost research funding and continue tax credits for biofuels, which are made from crop and farm animal waste.



  • Allow drilling on more federal lands, including 2,000 of the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Offer new tax incentives to encourage production.
  • Order federal agencies to consider the impact on energy supplies when writing regulations.


  • Boost research funding and create tax breaks for “clean coal” technology to cut power plant emissions.
  • Review clean air rules with possibility of easing them.
  • Streamline licensing of coal-fired power plants.

Nuclear Power

  • Streamline licensing procedures for plants.
  • Offer tax breaks to encourage financial stablity and more electricity production.
  • Reauthorize 1988 law limiting plant liability in major accidents.
  • Consider reviving technology that reuses nuclear reactor fuel to produce electricity.


  • Review economic sanctions policies against Iraq, Iran and Libya, three major oil exporting nations.
  • Direct Secretary of State Colin Powell to step up diplomatic efforts to expand oil production in Latin America, Asia and Caspian Sea nations such as Azerbaijan.

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Updated: October 2, 2001

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