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EPA's Original List of Violating Areas for
Ozone and PM Standards for 1993-1995

In 1997, when the EPA announced the number of counties that violated the new 8-hour ozone standard, it only identified those counties that violated the standard and also had monitors located in them. The counties identified by the EPA that violated either the 8-hour ozone or PM-2.5 standards can be reviewed. For the 8-hour ozone standard, the EPA estimated that 280 counties (with monitors) would violate the ozone standard. EPA historically has also placed counties into nonattainment that do not have monitors and are thought to contribute to a violation area. Thus, the estimates originally announced by the Agency are much lower than the 474 counties that the Agency announced on April 15, 2004 that are in nonattainment for the 8-hour ozone standard. The most current estimate of the number of counties that violated the PM-2.5 standard can be found in the EPA's latest trend report. A summary of that information can be found elsewhere on this web page.

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