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Global Sulfur Emissions: 1850-1990

Anthropogenic sulfur dioxide emissions from energy-producing activities have become an important factor in better understanding the relationship between humans and their environment. Concerns about (1) anthropogenic aerosols affecting possible global heating and (2)acid rain effects on the environment have prompted interest in the transformation and fate of sulfur in the environment. A database has been completed under the direction of A.S.L. & Associates that summarizes the estimates of global emissions of sulfur for the period 1850 to 1990. The final peer-reviewed report is available from the U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIS. In 1999, a peer-review paper appeared in the prestigious journal, Atmospheric Environment. The data are available at this web location. Information concerning how to download the global sulfur emissions database and obtain a copy of the report describing the data can be found at the sulfur global emissions web page. If you plan to download the sulfur emissions database, please be sure to order a copy of the summary report from NTIS.

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